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E-Commerce Tips – Interstate Batteries

by Andy Brudtkuhl on February 27, 2010

Does this look odd to you?

Either Interstate Batteries are advertising their markup by blatantly stating they charge more than the Suggested Retail Price.

- OR -

Someone screwed up and hasn’t looked at it since…

Which do you think?

E-Commerce Tips

Confusing a user is the first way to get them to abandon your E-commerce site. Are you confusing your users?

Try ordering something from your own site and see if the process is confusing! When we told you to break up with your website we said the same thing… If you can’t use your site chances are your visitors can’t either.


E-Commerce Checkout Page Design – Learn From

by Andy Brudtkuhl on November 18, 2009

Yesterday I read a tweet from Dan Shipton about a book I’ve heard a lot about – The Paradox Of Choice – so I decided to jump over to Amazon and pick it up. Upon checking out I noticed the beauty that is Amazon’s checkout page design. I thought it was ironic that I was purchasing a book about choice when I came to the realization that Amazon had designed an extremely effective checkout page – that simply reduced the amount of choices.

Here is Amazon’s Checkout Page Design…

Click To Enlarge

Let’s walk through this e-commerce checkout page design. The beauty of this design relates back to the book I was ordering in the first place – Choice. The book explains the psychology of choice – which basically assumes that as more options are provided to a person the less likely they will make a decision. In the case of this Amazon checkout page they have reduced the amount of choices to two: checkout or get out – and they’ve hidden the get out button.

1. Call To Action - Right away Amazon tells you to click the button on the right to place the order

2. Action – Right next to the call to action is the action button – the “Place Your Order” button located in the prime spot in the top right. I guarantee they split tested this numerous times to find the right sweet spot.

3. Get Out – The “get out” button as I like to call it is the only way for a user to get out of this screen and it’s hidden right in the middle – out of sight, out of mind. This is a great tactic to keep people on this screen.

By reducing the amount of choice on their checkout screen Amazon can funnel you into the decision they want you to make, which of course is to finish your transaction.

If you are doing e-commerce or lead generation this is something you need to be aware of on your landing pages, product pages, and checkout pages. By reducing the number of options a user has the odds increase that they will take your preferred path through your goal funnel. If you are having high bounce rates at specific points in your funnel – like the final checkout page – look into the number of options on the page.

Chances are – if you simplify your landing or checkout pages your conversion rates will go up.

Do you have any questions about landing page or e-commerce design? Let us know in the comments or jump into the forums!


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