As you have probably heard about 100 times – Microsoft and Yahoo have partnered on 10 year search deal making Bing the primary technology behind Yahoo’s search engine.

Search Market Share

What this means is Bing’s market share just jumped from around 8% to around 30% – which means you need to pay attention to this. Ironically the day before this announcement we posted two Bing related optimization posts:

Bing SEO Tips

Bing Website Optimization Guide

We were just as irritated as you with this announcement because it adds another item on our plate to optimize and analyze – but the results will be worth it. Here are some other posts from around the web that you can use to understand what this partnership means to you.

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The big question is will this partnership significantly change market share percentages? Depending on whose numbers you use, Google has either 65% or 74% share in the US (more in some European countries). That puts the combined Yahoo/Microsoft share at 28% or 25.5%. That’s substantial traffic, sure, and worth paying attention to

Do you have any questions about this partnership? Let us know in the comments!

[image via SEOMoz]